Tor (TOR) referral Airdrop

Finish the tasks below and you can get 200 Tor (TOR). For every friend you invited, you will get another 200 Tor (TOR). You can invite as many people as you want!

Invite 1 friend = 200 TOR (TOR)

Invite 10 friends = 2000 TOR (TOR)

Invite 100 friends = 20000 TOR (TOR)

Invite 1000 friends = 200000 TOR (TOR)

1. Join Tor (TOR) Telegram Group and Channel

2. Follow Tor (TOR) Twitter:

3. Retweet this tweet and tag 10 friends:

4. Submit your ETH Wallet address and get referral code at the left corner of this page:


You are also welcomed to join Tor (TOR) Tokens Sale now:

Pre-sale Price: 1ETH=20000 TOR (50% discount)

Pre-sale Time: 2019/05/17-2019/06/15

Crowd-sale Price: 1ETH=10000 TOR

Crowd-sale Time: 2016/06/16-2016/07/15

How to buy: Sent ETH to contract address 0x388Cf3c02c034e7fe8ef164A2B414534fC212119and you will receive TOR automaticly. (Set gas limit larger than 80000 and gas fee larger than 10 GWEI)